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Artwork Policy

Artwork FAQ

The following are Lone Star Etch's artwork and engraving requirements. Any artwork submitted that does not meet our requirements is subject to an additional artwork conversion fee. If you are unsure if your artwork is usable, please contact our art department art@lonestaretch.com


Artwork Format:

All orders should be accompanied with sharp vector format artwork only.

What is Vector Format Artwork?

Vector artwork is two-dimensional artwork that is made up of mathematical lines and curves. Vector files do not rely on any kind of resolution to determine their quality. Vector images are resolution independent and can be enlarged infinitely without losing image quality. Typical Vector File Types are: .ai .eps .ps .pdf .cdr Important Note: The vector file types listed above can contain bitmap art. If you are unsure about your files contact our art department to verify your artwork. If you are unable to provided Vector format art, we offer the option of converting your bitmap images to vector artwork for a charge of $35.

What is Bitmap Format Artwork?

Bitmap artwork is any artwork that is composed of a series of tiny colored squares, called pixels to make up an image. Bitmap files are resolution dependent and cannot be enlarged without losing image quality. Bitmap images will look jagged and grainy when zoomed in on because there simply is not enough information, in terms of pixels to create a quality image. Typical bitmap file types are: .png, .gif, .jpg, .tif, .bmp, .psd

Vector Artwork

Artwork Must be Black and White Only:

Please ensure that all text, logos, vector shapes, fills, and strokes that will be engraved are 100% black. Grayscale, color, shadows and gradients are not acceptable. If you are unable to provided black and white artwork, we offer the option of re-creating your artwork to black and white for a charge of $35.

Black and White 

All lines and white spaces must have a 1pt thickness. We may need to modify your artwork in order to make it work for the engraving process.

Font Requirements & Tips:

 • You may upload your text and personalizations while you are adding your item(s) to your cart. If you are ordering multiple awards, you may email the text and personalizations as an attachment on a word document, or on an excel spreadsheet.

• All personalization should be sent as text, never outlines or a picture of them so that we can copy and paste with ease, minimizing the risk of misspellings.

• We will re-typeset all text that is sent as outlines, for you to proof read and approve.

• The size varies depending on the choice of font.

• Bold, open, fonts work best for engraving.

• We recommend you to stay away from script, curly, eroded or fonts that have very thin lines.

• Many script fonts are not etchable, even at larger sizes.